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Table 1 Details about individual kiwi (Apteryx sp.) analysed in this study

From: Hybridisation in kiwi (Apteryx; Apterygidae) requires taxonomic revision for the Great Spotted Kiwi

Name/museum registration number Past species identification Species identification
(this study)
Collection location
AllportsM Rowi × LSK (F1) Rowi × LSK (F1) Allports Island (ex. Franz Josef)
Jess Rowi × LSK (F1) Rowi × LSK (F1) Allports Island (ex. Okarito)
AllportsChick Rowi × LSK (F2) Rowi × LSK (F2) Allports Island (offspring of Jess and AllportsM)
BC0102_3 (Rowi × LSK) × Rowi (BC1) Rowi × LSK (BC3 +) Okarito
NMNZ OR.30701 Rowi × LSK or Rowi × GSK Later generation hybrid between Rowi × GSK or Rowi × LSK Okarito (1945‒1947)
CM AV2828
(A. haasti syntype)
GSK Rowi × LSK Between Lake Mapourika and the Southern Alps (1870‒1871)
CM AV2829
(A. haasti syntype)
GSK Rowi × GSK or Rowi × LSK Upper reaches of the Okarito River (1870‒1871)
A_maxima neotype (NMNZ OR.22663) GSK GSK Near Charleston
  1. Past species identification is based on morphology and/or published genetic results. Species identification in this study is based on all available information
  2. LSK Little Spotted Kiwi, GSK Great Spotted Kiwi, NMNZ Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa