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Table 1 Relationships used in the assignation of material property in modeling

From: Femoral mechanical performance of precocial and altricial birds: a simulation study

Species Age or stagea HU-ρ ρ-E
Pigeon 4 to 14 days \(\rho =5.47\times {10}^{-4}HU+0.31\) \(E=995.20\times {\rho }^{4.74}\)
Other \(\rho =3.20\times {10}^{-4}HU+0.15\)
Cabot’s Tragopan H1 \(\rho =2.67\times {10}^{-4}HU+0.12\) \(E=2588.65\times {\rho }^{4.32}\)
Other \(\rho =5.65\times {10}^{-4}HU+0.33\)
  1. aBirds were grouped according to the size of the femora; each group has its specific scan settings