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Table 1 Results of single variable analyses by ordinary least squares models (ols) and simultaneous autoregressive models (sar)

From: More endemic birds occur in regions with stable climate, more plant species and high altitudinal range in China

VariableEndemic bird richnessEndemic bird ratio
MAT00499− 0.25*0.03− 0.17*489− 0.35**
MAP0.020.135030.070− 0.05499− 0.06
Anomaly MAT0.19− 0.44**498− 0.32**0.10− 0.31**497− 0.19
Anomaly MAP0.020.16*5010.130.050.23**4960.17
ALT Range0.150.39**4710.45**0.110.33**4880.27**
Plant SR0.320.56**4300.54**0.070.27**4920.18**
  1. MAT was mean annual temperature; MAP was mean annual precipitation; Anomaly MAT and Anomaly MAP were glacial-interglacial anomaly in MAT and MAP; ALT Range was altitudinal range; Plant SR was plant species richness. r2 and coefficients (Coef) of ols, Akaike’s information criterion (AIC) and Coef of sar were listed. *p < 0.05, **p < 0.01