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Table 1 Candidate Cormack-Jolly-Seber models for six central Amazonian bird species captured in 100 and 10 ha fragments, ranked by Akaike Information Criterion (AICc). Included for each model are AICc weights (wi) and deviance

From: Effects of a regenerating matrix on the survival of birds in tropical forest fragments

Pithys albifrons In, Anf (239/535)
 ϕ (g-matrix) p (g × t)0.001.00124.29
 ϕ (g-matrix) p (t)60.270.00230.74
 ϕ (g-matrix) p (.)93.480.00282.94
 ϕ (t) p (t)101.200.00269.53
 ϕ (g-matrix) p (g)104.460.00272.79
 ϕ (g) p (g-matrix)121.000.00285.03
 ϕ (.) p (.)130.590.00346.68
 ϕ (g) p (g)141.390.00288.01
Thamnomanes ardesiacus In, Fob (112/265)
 ϕ (g-matrix) p (g × t)0.001.00279.68
 ϕ (g-matrix) p (t)71.460.00417.53
 ϕ (g-matrix) p (g)104.080.00452.29
 ϕ (g-matrix) p (.)111.560.00478.76
 ϕ (g) p (g)134.450.00458.90
 ϕ (t) p (t)143.560.00498.14
 ϕ (.) p (.)170.020.00572.07
 ϕ (g × t) p (g × t)242.210.00210.68
Willisornis poecilinotus In, Ar (176/524)
 ϕ (g-matrix) p (t)0.001.00491.81
 ϕ (g-matrix) p (g)28.830.00522.76
 ϕ (g-matrix) p (.)72.870.00583.59
 ϕ (t) p (t)87.570.00581.50
 ϕ (.) p (.)161.860.00703.25
 ϕ (g) p (g)283.610.00679.39
 ϕ (g × t) p (g × t)846.280.00261.75
 ϕ (g-matrix) p (g × t)921.430.00560.81
Dixiphia pipra Fr (344/496)
 ϕ (g-matrix) p (g × t)0.001.00265.58
 ϕ (g-matrix) p (t)120.350.00468.49
 ϕ (g-matrix) p (g)137.430.00485.57
 ϕ (g-matrix) p (.)158.050.00527.33
 ϕ (g) p (g)164.250.00490.77
 ϕ (t) p (t)166.880.00523.53
 ϕ (.) p (.)214.470.00618.59
 ϕ (g × t) p (g × t)352.260.00192.14
Glyphorynchus spirurus In, Fld (131/271)
 ϕ (g-matrix) p (g × t)0.001.00402.13
 ϕ (t) p (t)99.560.00665.64
 ϕ (g-matrix) p (t)112.170.00658.95
 ϕ (g-matrix) p (g)140.440.00678.51
 ϕ (g) p (g)150.100.00679.39
 ϕ (.) p (.)164.720.00780.39
 ϕ (g-matrix) p (.)165.810.00738.24
 ϕ (g × t) p (g × t)712.770.00261.75
Percnostola rufifrons In, Ga (79/129)
 ϕ (g-matrix) p (g × t)0.001.00213.23
 ϕ (g × t) p (g × t)76.060.00143.44
 ϕ (g-matrix) p (t)108.460.00372.28
 ϕ (g-matrix) p (.)120.440.00405.45
 ϕ (g-matrix) p (g)121.450.00385.28
 ϕ (t) p (t)129.650.00406.23
 ϕ (.) p (.)136.660.00458.60
 ϕ (g) p (g)151.800.00393.96
  1. aForaging guild affiliation is denoted as follows: (In, Fob)—Insectivore, Flock Obligate; (In, Fld)—Insectvore, Flock-dropout; (In, Ar)—Insectivore, Arboreal; (In, Anf)—Insectivore, Ant-follower; (In, Ga)—Insectivore, Gap; (Fr)—Frugivore
  2. bNumbers within parentheses refer to number of individuals and total captures, respectively