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Table 2 Active nesting attempts of parrots in tree cavities

From: Exotic parrots breeding in urban tree cavities: nesting requirements, geographic distribution, and potential impacts on cavity nesting birds in southeast Florida

Nest tree Parrot species Egg laying date Number of eggs Hatch date Fledge date Result
1 BYMA 28-Jun-16 Unknown 28-Jul-16 31-Oct-16 2 fledged
2 OWPA 20-Apr-17 2    2 eggs failed, egg fragments observed
2 OWPA 06-May-17 2 29-May-17 14-Aug-17 2 fledged
3 RMPA      No eggs found but repeated visits by pair during Spring 2017
6 OWPA 06-Apr-17 4 01-May-17 05-Jul-17 2 fledged
10 OWPA 01-May-17 3    3 eggs failed, eggs missing, probable raccoon predation based on scratches and enlargement
12 RMPA 06-Jun-17 1    1 egg failed, egg missing
18 OWPA 20-May-18 2    2 eggs failed, eggs missing
19 NAPA 24-May-18 3 17-Jun-18 10-Aug-18 1 fledged
20 RMPA 17-Jun-18 3 10-Jul-18 17-Aug-18 3 fledged
21 RMPA 08-Jun-18 Unknown 01-Jul-18 14-Aug-18 2 fledged
22 RMPA 16-Jun-18 2 09-Jul-18 20-Aug-18 Unclear - internal cavity shape may have allowed near-fledglings to hide, probable success
23 OWPA 02-May-18 Unknown 27-May-18 05-Aug-18 3 fledged
  1. Numbering of nest trees follows Table 1
  2. BYMA Blue-and-yellow Macaw, OWPA Orange-winged Parrot, RMPA Red-masked Parakeet