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Table 2 Results of several analyses of covariance to test the effect of latitude and longitude on nest parameters for all of the nest and after it was separated into the outer nest and the cup lining

From: Geographical location affects size and materials used in the construction of European Pied Flycatcher (Ficedula hypoleuca) nests

  Latitude Longitude R 2
Mean cup diameter 1.61 (0.207) 5.34 (< 0.001) 11.75
Cup depth 1.27 (0.262) 0.69 (0.406) 3.21
Mean wall thickness 5.84 (0.017) 1.87 (0.174) 22.46
Base thickness 25.69 (< 0.001) 4.86 (0.029) 17.22
Nest height 0.03 (0.866) 1.85 (0.176) 1.93
  1. The model included box area (cm2) as a covariate to control for variation in box size between locations. All interactions between latitude and longitude were non-significant so the interaction was removed from the model, which was run again. Each parameter was tested individually. Data are presented for five dimensions (shown in Additional file 1: Table S1). Values are F statistics, with degrees of freedom = 1158 in each case, and p values in parentheses