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Table 1 Results of MARS models exploring which habitat types predict the occurrence probability of species of conservation interest at the Natura 2000 sites scale (n = 21)

From: Multi-species habitat models highlight the key importance of flooded reedbeds for inland wetland birds: implications for management and conservation

Type of model Species Selected variables No. of subsets GCV RSS R 2 Sites of occurrence (total no. of sites = 21)
Multiresponse   Reedbeds/mires 1 100 100   
  Marsh Harrier      0.50 4
  Purple Heron      0.57 3
  Ferrouginous Duck      0.08 4
  Kingfisher      0.15 14
  Night Heron      0.49 3
  Little Bittern      0.08 14
  Black Kite      0.20 11
  Honey Buzzard      0.15 4
  Lesser-spotted Woodpecker      0.02 8
  Black Woodpecker      0.03 4
  1. The results of both multi-response and species-specific models are presented. No. of subsets: number of models generated by the pruning pass, which include a given variable; GCV: generalized cross-validation; RSS: decrease in the residual sum-of-square; R2: model’s R square. Sites of occurrence: number of sites in which the species was detected, out of 21 total surveyed sites