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Fig. 1

From: Taxonomy of the White-browed Shortwing (Brachypteryx montana) complex on mainland Asia and Taiwan: an integrative approach supports recognition of three instead of one species

Fig. 1

Distribution of the continental and Taiwan Island Bradypterus montana complex (shaded areas), with sampling localities represented by circles (songs and DNA), diamonds (DNA) and triangles (song), and different colours for different taxa. The bicoloured circle represents a locality where B. m. cruralis and B. m. sinensis have been found in sympatry. Localities: 1. Hualien, Taiwan Island; 2. Nantou, Taiwan Island; 3. Sianyang Forest Resort, Taiwan Island; 4. Kaohsiung, Taiwan Island; 5. Dasyeushan Forest Resort, Taiwan Island; 6. Wuyishan, Jiangxi; 7. Hupingshan, Hunan; 8. Badagongshan, Hunan; 9. Foping, Shaanxi; 10. Wolong, Sichuan; 11. Longcanggou, Sichuan; 12. Labahe, Sichuan; 13. Muli, Sichuan; 14. Dulongjiang, Yunnan; 15. Pianma, Yunnan; 16. Dali, Yunnan; 17. Baihualing, Yunnan; 18. Huanglianshan, Yunnan; 19. Eaglenest; 20. Singalila National Park, West Bengal; 21. Chin Hills, Chin State; 22. Mucang Chai District, Yen Bou

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