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Table 2 Best ranked models (∆AICc < 4) explaining the occurrence of sparrowhawks in Vienna city parks

From: Park size and prey density limit occurrence of Eurasian Sparrowhawks in urban parks during winter

Predictor variable 1 2 3 Relative importance of variable
Park area 1
Park area × prey density 0.89
Prey density 0.85
CAIDW     0.3
Feeder density    0.22
AICc 29.69 31.59 32.17  
AICc 0 1.9 2.47  
ω i 0.47 0.18 0.14  
  1. For all included variables, the relative importance is provided. Furthermore, Akaike’s information criterion corrected for small-sample bias (AICc), differences in AICc values of each model compared with the model with the lowest AICc value (∆AICc), and the Akaike weights (ωi) are listed. Black dots indicate variables included in the respective model