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Table 2 Migration dates and breeding areas of Hooded Cranes (n = 9 cranes)

From: Annual spatio-temporal migration patterns of Hooded Cranes wintering in Izumi based on satellite tracking and their implications for conservation

ID Status at capture 2015 spring migration 2015 autumn migration 2016 spring migration Breeding location
HC1 Adult 24 Mar.–12 May 26 Aug.–29 Oct. 4 Mar. The basin of Ulkan River
HC2 Adult 5 Mar.–26 Apr. 1 Sep.–29 Oct. 26 Feb. Chukchagirskoye Lake
HC3 Adult 23 Mar.–4 May 1 Sep.–29 Oct. 21 Mar. The wetland between Bokon Lake and Maja River
HC6 Subadult 24 Oct.–29 Oct. 27 Mar.
HC9 Adult To 18 Apr. 29 Aug.–28 Oct. 9 Mar. The Akishm River
HC12 Subadult 24 Oct.–29 Oct. 26 Mar.–13 Apr.
HC14 Subadult 24 Oct.–28 Oct. 26 Mar.–29 Mar.
HC15 Subadult 22 Oct.–1 Nov. 28 Mar.–19 Apr.
HC16 Subadult 23 Oct.–31 Oct. 26 Mar.–11 Apr.
  1. During July 2016 some cranes were flying out of China and only 2016 spring migration start dates were available