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Table 1 List of museum downy chick skins and photographs within Phasianidae evaluated to study the phylogenetic relationships of spurfowls and francolins

From: The phylogeny of francolins (Francolinus, Dendroperdix, Peliperdix and Scleroptila) and spurfowls (Pternistis) based on chick plumage (Galliformes: Phasianidae)

Common name Scientific name No. of specimens Reference
Maleo Macrocephalon maleo 1 Internet1
Crested Guineafowl Guttera pucherani 2 AMNH
Black Guineafowl Agelastes meleagrides 1 AMNH
Vulturine Guineafowl Acryllium vulturinum 1 Internet2
Helmeted Guineafowl Numida meleagris 6 Author and NHM at Tring
Western Capercaillie Tetrao urogallus 2 AMNH
Blue Grouse Dendragapus obscurus pallides 9 AMNH
Willow Grouse Lagopus lagopus 9 AMNH
Greater Prairie-chicken Tympanuchus cupido 2 AMNH
Ring-necked Pheasant Phasianus colchicus 4 AMNH
Red Jungle Fowl Gallus gallus 6 NHM at Tring, AMNH
Latham’s Francolin Peliperdix lathami 1 NHM at Tring FWNB 1548
Coqui Francolin Peliperdix coqui 8 NHM at Tring, AMNH, author 416173/5, 261918, 416174
White-throated Francolin Peliperdix albogularis 1 Little (2016)
Crested Francolin Dendroperdix sephaena 5 Internet and authors
Swamp Francolin Francolinus gularis 1 Internet3
Grey Francolin Francolinus pondicerianus 7 NHM at Tring, Bishop Museum, and AMNH 454656/7/8, 63492, 63484
Black Francolin Francolinus francolinus 3 Internet4
Orange River Francolin Scleroptila gutturalis 3 Authors
Red-winged Francolin Scleroptila lavaillantii 1 NHM at Tring
Grey-winged Francolin Scleroptila afra 2 Little (2016)
Shelley’s Francolin Scleroptila shelleyi 1 NHM at Tring
Chukar Partridge Alectoris chukar 1 NHM at Tring
Common Quail Coturnix coturnix 1 Internet5
Hartlaub’s Spurfowl Pternistis hartlaubi 2 Joris Komen
Handsome Spurfowl Pternistis nobilis 1 AMNH 763926
Chestnut-naped Spurfowl Pternistis castaneicollis 1 AMNH 541450
Erckel’s Spurfowl Pternistis erckelii 4 NHM at Tring, AMNH 541460/1/2
Scaly Spurfowl Pternistis squamatus 5 NHM at Tring, AMNH 156952, 541381
Ahanta Spurfowl Pternistis ahantensis 1 Crowe et al. (1986)
Red-billed Spurfowl Pternistis adspersus 1 NHM at Tring
Cape Spurfowl Pternistis capensis 10 Author and NHM at Tring
Natal Spurfowl Pternistis natalensis 2 NHM at Tring, AMNH
Hildebrandt’s Spurfowl Pternistis hildebrandti 2 NHM at Tring, AMNH 541354
Heuglin’s Spurfowl Pternistis icterorhynchus 6 NHM at Tring, AMNH 156931/2/3, 156935, 156930
Swainson’s Spurfowl Pternistis swainsonii 5 Berruti (2011), authors
Grey-breasted Spurfowl Pternistis rufopictus 2 NHM at Tring, internet6
Yellow-necked Spurfowl Pternistis leucoscepus 5 NHM at Tring
Red-necked Spurfowl Pternistis afer 6 NHM at Tring, AMNH 763932, 763934, 428598, 763936, 541486
  1. AMNH American Museum of Natural History (New York); NHM at Tring Natural History Museum at Tring (Britain). Common and scientific names follow the IOC list (Gill and Donsker 2017). The specimens for Peliperdix coqui include four males and four females
  2. Internet1
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