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Table 3 Final recommendations for the juvenile ratio sampling programme for 10 species of large-bodied waterbird species in the Yangtze River floodplain, by investigating their respective planned points based on the monitoring scheme

From: Organising a juvenile ratio monitoring programme for 10 key waterbird species in the Yangtze River floodplain: analysis and proposals

Species Recommended timing of the surveys Recommended sites of major flyway importance for each species to be visited Recommended number of planned observation points for each species Error rate (%)
Swan Goose 12/01–12/15 PYH, SJH 26 0.82
Lesser White-fronted Goose 12/01–12/15 DDTH 7 4.17
Siberian Crane 12/01–12/15 PYH 19 1.58
Hooded Crane 12/01–12/15 PYH, SJH, CZH 19 1.20
White-naped Crane 12/01–12/15 PYH 21 0.50
Greater White-fronted Goose 12/01–12/15 PYH, SJH, DDTH 52 4.92
Greylag Goose 12/01–12/15 PYH, LGH, CH 15 1.77
Bean Goose 12/01–12/15 PYH, SJH, DDTH, CZH 59 1.24
Bewick’s Swan 12/01–12/15 PYH, LGH 31 2.39
Common Crane 12/01–12/15 PYH 42 3.73
Total 12/01–12/15 PYH, DDTH, SJH, LGH, CZH, CH 155 2.23
  1. See “Methods” section for explanation for generating Error Rates
  2. PYH Poyang Lake, DDTH East Dongting Lake, SJH Shengjin Lake, LGH Longgan Lake, CZH Caizi Lake, CH Chen Lake