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Table 3 Breeding sites of the Black-faced Spoonbill (Platalea minor) revealed by field survey records, as well as the maximum numbers of birds recorded in summer

From: Migration routes, population status and important sites used by the globally threatened Black-faced Spoonbill (Platalea minor): a synthesis of surveys and tracking studies

Site name Region Longitude (°E) Latitude (°N) Number of birds Year Conservation status Resource
Gyeonggi Bay area Gyeonggi, South Korea 126.40 37.69 652 2006 Within WDPA NRICH (2007)
Chilsando Islet South Jeolla, South Korea 126.41 35.35 100 2014 Partially protected NRICH (2014)
Yuanbao Island Liaoning, China 123.09 39.50 14 2007 Locally protected Qiu (2007a)
Xingren Island Liaoning, China 123.05 39.53 49 nests 2019 Locally protected Jia et al. (2020)
Furugelma Island Primorsky, Russia 130.92 42.46 12 pairs 2018 Unprotected Tiunov and Katin (2020)
  1. In South Korea, Gyeonggi Bay area currently falls within existing protected area boundaries and sites used in Chilsando Islet are partially protected. In China, Yuanbao Island and Xingren Island are shown as provincial protected areas. The partially and locally protected areas were not within the current national protected area boundary