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Table 1 Percentage of explained variance in the predictor variables (R2X) and the response variable (R2Y) per component and their cumulative values (R2X cum and R2Y cum) derived from PLS-DA regression

From: Microhabitat characteristics related to seasonal roost switching: implications from a threatened and introduced cockatoo species in an urban landscape

Component R2X R2X cum R2Y R2Y cum Q2Y cum Error rate
Comp 1 0.491 0.491 0.491 0.491 0.165 0.833
Comp 2 0.245 0.736 0.494 0.984 0.891 0.000
  1. Q2Y cum is the cumulative predictive variance of fit by cross-validation. Error rate using maximum distance in Comp 2 includes the performance of the PLS-DA model in Comp 1