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Table 2 List of prey items identified in House Swift faecal samples from five different nest sites in Hong Kong between 2019 and 2020

From: Dietary analysis of the House Swift (Apus nipalensis) in Hong Kong using prey DNA in faecal samples

Class Order Family Genus Species Habitats %FO Location (Time)
Arachnida Mesostigmata Phytoseiidae / /   100.00 CUHK (L. May)
  Sarcoptiformes Proctophyllodidae1 / /    CUHK (Jun); CLK (Aug)
  Trombidiformes / / /   100.00 MW (Aug)
Collembola Entomobryomorpha Entomobryidae Seira +  Seira sp. +  SL (?) 100.00 CUHK (Mar)
Insecta Blattodea Termitidae^ Odontotermes Odontotermes formosanus SL, F, A 100.00 CUHK (L. May, Aug, Sep, Nov); CLK (Aug); MK (Aug, Jan); PFL (Aug)
  Coleoptera Bostrichidae^ Dinoderus Dinoderus minutus F, A 6.25 CUHK (Jan)
   Buprestidae^ / / A 6.25 MK (Aug)
   Chrysomelidae^ Bruchidius Bruchidius terrenus G, F, A 43.75 CUHK (Jun)
    Phyllotreta Phyllotreta sp.    MK (Jan)
    / /    CUHK (L. May, Jun); MK (Aug)
   Curculionidae^ / / SL, F, U, A 12.50 CUHK (Aug)
    Sitophilus Sitophilus zeamais    MK (Jan)
   Nitidulidae^ / / F 18.75 CUHK (Aug); PFL (Aug, Jan)
   / / /   12.50 CUHK (Jun)
  Diptera Anthomyiidae^ Delia Delia platura SL, A 2.33 CUHK (Nov)
   Calliphoridae^ Bengalia Bengalia sp. SL, F 4.65 CUHK (Dec)
    Chrysomya Chrysomya megacephala    MW (Aug)
   Ceratopogonidae^ / / F, M 2.33 CUHK (Aug)
   Chironomidae Tanytarsus Tanytarsus unagiseptimus +  FW 6.98 CUHK (E. May)
    Chironomus Chironomus sp.    MW (Jan), CUHK (Nov)
   Culicidae^ Culex Culex mimeticus F, FW, U 46.51 MW (Jan)
    Culex Culex vagans    CUHK (Nov, Dec, Feb); CLK (Jan); MK (Jan); MW (Jan); PFL (Jan)
     Culex sp.    CUHK (Oct)
    Lutzia Lutzia sp.    CUHK (Oct)
   Drosophilidae Drosophila Drosophila immigrans U 9.30 CUHK (Mar)
    Scaptomyza +  Scaptomyza pallida    CUHK (Mar); MK (Jan)
    / /    CUHK (Mar)
   Ephydridae / / G, A 9.30 CUHK (Sep)
   Muscidae^ Dichaetomyia Dichaetomyia bibax SL, G, F, U, A 18.60 CUHK (Nov); CLK (Jan); MW (Jan)
    Lispe Lispe pumila +     CUHK (Sep)
     Lispe sp.    MW (Jan)
    Passeromyia +  Passeromyia heterochaeta +     CUHK (Aug)
    / /    CUHK (Nov)
   Mycetophilidae / / SL, F 2.33 CUHK (Mar)
   Stratiomyidae Microchrysa Microchrysa flaviventris F 2.33 CUHK (Aug)
   Syrphidae Phytomia Phytomia sp. F 4.65 CUHK (Sep)
    / /    MW (Aug)
   Tachinidae / / F 11.63 CUHK (L. May, Dec); MK (Jan); MW (Aug)
   Tephritidae / / F, A 4.65 CUHK (Jun, Jan)
   / / /   2.33 MW (Aug)
  Hemiptera Alydidae / / G, F, A 1.67 CUHK (Aug)
   Aphididae^ Rhopalosiphum Rhopalosiphum rufiabdominale G, F, A 1.67 CUHK (Nov)
   Cicadellidae^ / / G, F, A 6.67 CUHK (Oct, Dec); MW (Jan)
   Coreidae^ / / G, F, A 3.33 MW (Aug)
   Cymidae / / G, F,A 1.67 CUHK (Feb)
   Delphacidae^ Nilaparvata Nilaparvata lugens G, A 16.67 CUHK (Oct); MW (Aug)
    Sogatella Sogatella furcifera    CUHK (L. May, Sep, Feb); CLK (Aug); MK (Aug); MW (Aug)
   Diaspididae^ / / G, F, A 3.33 CUHK (Feb, Mar)
   Fulgoromorpha (infraorder) / / F, A 3.33 CUHK (Jun)
   Miridae^ Prolygus +  Prolygus bakeri +  G, F, A 30.00 CUHK (Dec); MW (Jan)
    / /    CUHK (L. May, Aug, Nov, Dec, Jan); CLK (Aug, Jan); MW (Aug, Jan)
   Rhyparochromidae / / G, F, A 46.67 CUHK (Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar); CLK (Jan); MW (Jan); MW (Jan)
   / / /   1.67 CUHK (Aug)
  Hymenoptera Apidae Apis Apis cerana F, A 7.35 CUHK (May, Jun, Oct); MK (Jan)
   Braconidae Apanteles Apanteles sp. F 2.94 CUHK (Sep)
    / /    CUHK (L. May)
   Chalcididae / / F 5.88 CUHK (Jun, Nov, Feb, Mar)
   Eulophidae / / F 1.47 CUHK (Jan)
   Formicidae^ Camponotus Camponotus sp. SL, G, F, U, A 83.82 CUHK (May)
    Crematogaster Crematogaster rogenhoferi    CUHK (E. May, L. May, Jan); CLK (Jan); PFL (Aug)
     Crematogaster sp.    CUHK (E. May)
    Hypoponera Hypoponera opaciceps +     CUHK (May, Sep)
    Pheidole Pheidole sp.    MK (Aug); CLK (Aug); MW (Aug); PFL (Aug)
    Solenopsis Solenopsis geminata    CUHK (Oct); MK (Aug)
     Solenopsis invicta    CUHK (Aug, Sep); CLK (Aug); MK (Aug)
     Solenopsis sp.    CUHK (Jun, Aug), MK (Aug)
    Technomyrmex Technomyrmex sp.    CUHK (Jun)
    Tetramorium Tetramorium sp.    CUHK (Jun), MW (Aug)
    / /    CUHK (E. May, L. May, Jun, Oct, Nov); CLK (Aug); MK (Aug); MW (Aug); PFL (Aug)
   Ichneumonidae Echthromorpha Echthromorpha sp. F 5.88 CUHK (Oct); CLK (Jan)
    / /    CUHK (Jun); CUHK (Nov)
   Platygastridae / /   1.47 CUHK (Jun)
  Lepidoptera Geometridae Bosara Bosara sp. SL, F, U, A 28.57 PFL (Aug)
    Chloroclystis Chloroclystis insigillata +     PFL (Aug)
   Noctuidae^ Sesamia Sesamia inferens SL, A 14.29 PFL (Aug)
   Pterophoridae Stenoptilodes Stenoptilodes taprobanes A 28.57 CUHK (Oct)
    / /    CUHK (Sep)
   Riodinidae Abisara Abisara sp.   14.29 CUHK (Nov)
   Tortricidae^ / / F, A 14.29 CUHK (Oct)
  Odonata Libellulidae Pantala Pantala flavescens FW 100.00 MK (Aug)
  1. The %FO column shows the percentage contribution of a family to its order. The Location (Time) column shows the location and time a prey item was found in this study. Families that are marked with ^ consist members of economically important pests and vectors of insect-borne diseases. Genus and/or species with + are not recorded in Hong Kong before according to Lau (2019). The habitats of different insect families followed Hill et al. (1982), which SL = Soil and Litter, G = Grassland, F = Forest, FW = Freshwater, U = Urban, A = Agriculture and M = Mangrove. 1 Family Proctophyllodidae is an ectoparasitic family of feather mites and thus, this group was not treated as a prey item