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Table 1 Results of pairwise comparisons using Isler Criterion for territorial calls

From: Species limits in the Elegant Pitta (Pitta elegans) complex from Wallacea based on bioacoustic and morphometric analysis

Taxon comparisons No. of elements Duration of motif Percentage of break No. of elements per second Lowest frequency Highest frequency Bandwidth frequency Center frequency Peak frequency Change in percentage of break 1st to 2nd third Change in percentage of break 2nd to 3rd third Change in element duration 1st to 2nd third Change in element duration 2nd to 3rd third
concinna vs elegans            
concinna vs maria          
concinna vs vigorsii       
concinna vs vigorsii 3-note       
concinna vs virginalis           
elegans vs maria              
elegans vs vigorsii         
elegans vs vigorsii 3-note       
elegans vs virginalis              
maria vs vigorsii          
maria vs vigorsii 3-note      
maria vs virginalis              
vigorsii vs vigorsii 3-note        
vigorsii vs virginalis         
vigorsii 3-note vs virginalis        
  1. Tick marks suggest diagnosable differences in the corresponding pairwise comparison. For more details on the vocal parameters, see Methods