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Table 4 Principal components analyses of 186 points based on elevation and climactic and habitat characteristics at the study area, El Quimbo hydroelectric project, Huila, Colombia, 2018–2019

From: Variation in abundance and habitat relationship of three understory insectivorous birds in a disturbed landscape of Neotropical dry forest of Colombia

  PC1 PC2
Proportion of variance 0.4843 0.2805
Elevation 0.4069 − 0.4296
Humidity 0.5784 0.1551
Temperature − 0.5622 − 0.0788
Shrub area 0.2044 − 0.7289
Forest area 0.3767 0.5402
  1. Elevation, Elevation at the plot (m); Humidity, average relative humidity (%); Temperature, in Celsius degrees; Shrub area, area of shrubland in the buffer around the plot (ha); Forarea, area of forest in the buffer around the plot (ha).