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Table 2 The impact of cameras and iButtons on the number of eggs in Common Tern nests

From: Assessing nest attentiveness of Common Terns via video cameras and temperature loggers

  Equipment at nest Number of eggs Significancea
1 2 3 4 \(\bar{x}\)
All nests No equipment 8 54 113 1 2.61 A
With iButtons 1 11 16 0 2.54 AB
With iButton + camera 0 8 1 0 2.11 B
Original nests No equipment 3 26 94 1 2.75 A
With iButtons 0 8 11 0 2.58 A
With iButton + camera 0 6 0 0 2.00 B
  1. aDifferent letters signify statistically significant (p < 0.05) differences as determined via linear regression between groups within a nest classification (All nests or Original nests). A Tukey honestly significant difference test was used to make comparisons within groups of all nests or original nests only, with no between-group comparisons
  2. The impact of cameras and iButtons on the number of eggs in all Common Tern nests with completed clutches within the focal colony on Poplar Island based upon colony survey data. We differentiated between original and re-nesting attempts based upon the date at which a large number of individuals were documented arriving at the colony following the collapse of a nearby colony