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Table 2 Combinations of variables most associated with endemic bird richness and endemic bird ratio by simultaneous autoregressive models

From: More endemic birds occur in regions with stable climate, more plant species and high altitudinal range in China

 Endemic bird richnessEndemic bird ratio
MAP− 0.26*0.72 0.42
Anomaly MAT− 0.30*0.71− 0.200.62
Anomaly MAP
ALT Range0.140.690.27**0.92
Plant SR0.49**1 0.45
Pseudo r20.60 0.46 
AIC424 486 
  1. Coefficients (Coef) of the variables included in the best combination, pseudo r2 and AIC of the best combination were listed. The Akaike weight (w) for each variable based on the full model sets was also listed. *p < 0.05, **p < 0.01