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Table 2 Relationships between green cover, ALAN, and both noise variables (daily and masking noise), and the occurrence of the Mottled Owl

From: Nightlife in the city: drivers of the occurrence and vocal activity of a tropical owl

Model/VariableDeviance residualsdfResidual deviancep
Owl occurrence ~ green cover + daily noise + ALAN
r2 = 0.37
Green cover15.405765.98< 0.001
Daily noise4.315661.660.038
Owl occurrence ~ green cover + masking noise + ALAN
r2 = 0.38
Green cover15.405765.98< 0.001
Masking noise4.055661.920.044
  1. Given that noise variables were highly correlated, we ran two GLMs, one including daily noise per site and another one including the masking noise