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TableĀ 2 Data type has an impact on support and branch length estimates

From: Whole genome phylogeny of Gallus: introgression and data-type effects

DatasetTotal sitesInformative sitesOverall rateaBranch A length (support)Branch B length (support)%Internal treelength
CNEEs1089,7115410.2010.00014 (99)0.00013 (91)6.82
Exons8563,56016,5810.5260.00078 (62)0.00081 (89)16.08
Introns15,547,480122,3141.3770.00186 (98)0.00240 (100)17.18
UCEs7331,81223,4950.7360.00095 (100)0.00094 (100)14.12
Combined32,532,563162,9311.0000.00141 (100)0.00166 (100)16.75
  1. aNormalized to the overall evolutionary rate of the combined dataset