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Table 2 Apparent survival estimates for resident birds (no transsients) with standard errors for six central Amazonian bird species captured in 100 and 10 ha fragments

From: Effects of a regenerating matrix on the survival of birds in tropical forest fragments

Species and matrix ageϕSEϕSE
Glyphorynchus spirurus100 ha Fragment10 ha Fragment
  < 5-year matrix regeneration0.650.110.410.15
  > 5-year matrix regeneration0.640.110.390.15
Pithys albifrons100 ha Fragment10 ha Fragment
  < 5-year matrix regeneration0.450.090.470.06
  > 5-year matrix regeneration0.570.110.600.07
Dixiphia pipra100 ha Fragment10 ha Fragment
  < 5-year matrix regeneration0.610.120.520.09
  > 5-year matrix regeneration0.550.130.460.10
Percnostola rufifrons100 ha Fragment10 ha Fragment
  < 5-year matrix regeneration0.490.150.790.17
  > 5-year matrix regeneration0.330.140.660.21
Thamnomanes ardesiacus100 ha Fragment10 ha Fragment
  < 5-year matrix regeneration0.630.070.450.19
  > 5-year matrix regeneration0.690.080.510.18
Willisornis poecilinotus100 ha Fragment10 ha Fragment
  < 5-year matrix regeneration0.610.050.420.08
  > 5-year matrix regeneration0.670.050.480.08