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Table 1 The probability of territorial changes in Common Tailorbirds

From: Nest-site fidelity and breeding dispersal by Common Tailorbirds in a tropical forest

 New (%)Same (%)nχ2dfp
Within-year4 (10.0)36 (90.0)400.35510.552
Between-year4 (19.0)17 (81)21
Predated2 (12.5)14 (87.5)160.01210.194
Successful2 (8.3)22 (91.7)24
Female4 (19.0)17 (81)211.86710.172
Male8 (38.1)13 (61.9)21
  1. Probability of territorial changes showed how breeding individuals changed territories within year and between year, between the male and female, and between individuals after the predation event (predated) and a previous successful attempt (successful)