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Table 1 Results of model selection for daily nest survival rate as a function of nest age, nesting date, nest height and vegetation structure in the close nest environment

From: Drivers of nest survival rate in a southern Tunisian population of Laughing Doves (Spilopelia senegalensis)

1Vegetation + Age3160.2710.0000.39678
2Vegetation + Age + Height4160.6730.4020.32452
3Vegetation + Age + Date4162.1861.9150.15232
4Vegetation + Age + Height + Date5162.5762.3050.12533
6Vegetation + Date3174.47714.2060.00033
7Vegetation + Height3175.82215.5510.00017
8Vegetation + Date + Height4176.32316.0520.00012
9Age + Date3195.94135.6700.00000
10Age + Date + Height4197.33737.0650.00000
12Age + Height3201.69141.4200.00000
13Constant model (intercept only)1318.373158.1010.00000
16Date + Height3322.304162.0320.00000
  1. Models that received the highest support by the data are highlighted in italics. K = number of parameters, AICc = Akaike’s Information Criterion corrected for small sample size, ΔAICc = Difference in AICc from the top ranked model, W = model weight