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Table 2 GLMMs used to determine the factors that affected whether European Kestrel occupied or did not occupy the boxes (Final model \(R_{m}^{2}\) = 0.183, \(R_{c}^{2}\) = 0.554, n = 540)

From: Old nest material functions as an informative cue in making nest-site selection decisions in the European Kestrel (Falco tinnunculus)

Intercept1− 8.656516.02922.1620.000
 With/without nest material11.73617.6910.3940.000
 Entrance size10.39420.1920.1620.015
Rejected term
 Entrance size × entrance orientation10.0940.3710.1560.542
 Nest box height from ground1− 0.0070.0380.0350.845
 Entrance orientation10.1900.3720.3120.549
 Absolute age of box1− 0.2003.44420.1080.064