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Table 3 Specimen information and morphometric measurements, if any, of the Glaucidium brodiei complex collection from the Natural History Museum at Tring, UK and the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum, Singapore

From: Species delimitation within the Glaucidium brodiei owlet complex using bioacoustic tools

Taxon Voucher number Sex Locality Wing measurement (mm) Tail measurement (mm)
sylvaticum ZRC3.8604 Female Northeast Sumatra, Indonesia 105 29
borneense ZRC3.8603 Male Sarawak, Malaysia 107 52
borneense 1900.2.14.11 Male Sarawak, Malaysia
borneense Male Sabah, Malaysia
borneense Female Sabah, Malaysia
borneense Male Sabah, Malaysia
borneense Male Sarawak, Malaysia
brodiei ZRC3.8606 Female Chiang Mai, Thailand 91 57
brodiei ZRC3.8607 Male Chiang Mai, Thailand 88 50
brodiei ZRC3.8610 Male Pahang, Malaysia 85 44
brodiei ZRC3.8612 Female Pahang, Malaysia 91 53
brodiei Male Sikkim, India
pardalotum 1907.12.12.115 Male Mt Ho Ho, Taiwan, China