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Table 1 Overview of the records obtained by satellite telemetry of Grey Plovers caught in the Lower Saxon Wadden Sea (WS), Germany

From: Migration routes and strategies of Grey Plovers (Pluvialis squatarola) on the East Atlantic Flyway as revealed by satellite tracking

ID Age Sex Tracking period Spring Location breeding season Autumn Location winter season Spring
Start End WS-Arctic Arctic-WS WS-winter Winter-WS
104699 2nd   05.04.2011   x Taimyr x x Brittany x
     31.03.2013 x Taimyr x x Brittany  
104701 2nd   05.04.2011    Wadden Sea   x Brittany x
      x Taimyr x x Brittany x
     14.01.2014 x Taimyr x x Brittany  
104704 2nd f 05.04.2011    Wadden Sea   x NW-Ireland x
     02.12.2012 x Jamal x x NW-Ireland  
104703 ad f 02.04.2011 09.06.2011 (Petchora)      
113996 ad f 22.05.2012 13.08.2012 x Jamal (Sweden)    
113997 ad m 19.04.2012 27.06.2012 (Petersburg)      
113998 ad m 19.04.2012 09.09.2012 x Jamal (Bothnian Bay)    
113999 ad m 24.04.2012 21.01.2013 x Taimyr x x Wadden Sea  
114001 ad m 22.05.2012 27.11.2012 x Taimyr x x Portugal  
114002 ad   20.05.2012 08.07.2012 (Karelia)      
104700 ad f 01.08.2011 11.03.2012     x Guinea-Bissau  
  1. For the tracking period, the first and last date after applying the Douglas Argos-filter (DAF) are given; for the 2nd year birds (2nd) the oversummering locations are specified. If transmitters failed on migration the last locations are given in parenthesis