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Table 1 Summary of our predictions for associations between metacommunity paradigms, species functional traits, and species extirpation, colonization as well as turnover rates for winter residents (WR), winter visitors (WV), summer residents (SR) and summer visitors (SV) in the Thousand Island Lake, China

From: Spatiotemporal distribution of seasonal bird assemblages on land-bridge islands: linking dynamic and static views of metacommunities

Predictions Temporal dynamics Functional associations Confirmed
Extirpation rate Colonization rate Turnover rate Dispersal ability Habitat specificity
SR and SV Low (supported) Low to medium (supported) Low (supported) Low to medium (not specific) Strong (supported) Species sorting
WR or WV High (supported) Medium to high (supported) High (supported) Medium to high (not specific) Weak (partly supported) Patch dynamics
WV Random (supported) Random (supported) High (supported) Low to medium (supported) None (supported) Neutral dynamics
/ Low High Low High Strong Mass effects