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Table 2 Tibetan Snowcock detection probability (p) models

From: Habitat use and diel activity pattern of the Tibetan Snowcock (Tetraogallus tibetanus): a case study using camera traps for surveying high-elevation bird species

Model ΔAICc AICc weight No. par. (‒2LL)
 p (.) 0.000 0.385 2 ‒770.245
 p (LT) 0.964 0.237 3 ‒769.660
 p (DATE) 1.076 0.225 3 ‒769.716
 p (LT, DATE) 1.836 0.153 4 ‒769.005
Detection covariates Summed model weights
 LT 0.263
 DATE 0.238
  1. (a) We list all models, and present AICc weight, number of parameters (No. par.), twice the negative log likelihood (‒2LL). (b) Summed model weight of each detection covariates. The key for the covariate codes used is given in Table 1