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Table 3 Rank in importance of environmental variables (ranked from top to bottom)

From: A potential distribution map of wintering Swan Goose (Anser cygnoides) in the middle and lower Yangtze River floodplain, China

Variables Description Contribution (%)
Elevation Elevation from sea level (m) 30.9
Bio14 Precipitation of driest month (mm) 21.6
Bio3 Isothermality: (Mean diurnal range/Temperature annual range) × 100 16.5
NDVI10 NDVI in October 11.9
Accessibility Distance from the road network to the center point of each grid 3.9
Slope Slope of geological formation (%) 3.8
NDVI02 NDVI in February 3.2
Bio15 Precipitation seasonality (coefficient of variation) 2.9
Bio6 Minimum temperature of coldest month (°C) 2.7
Bio4 Temperature seasonality 1.4
Bio2 Mean diurnal range: monthly mean (°C) 1.2