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Table 3 Changes in flock size (birds per flock) of the endangered Green Peafowl in Yunnan, China across historical periods determined by interviewing and literature reviewing

From: Status and distribution changes of the endangered Green Peafowl (Pavo muticus) in China over the past three decades (1990s‒2017)

  2011–2017 2001–2010 1991–2000 Pre-1991
Average flock size (birds/flock) 3.36–4.84 3.59–5.5 8.58–10.42 8.5–20
Range of flock size 1–27 1–20 1–30 7–30
Sample size (n) 25 22 12 2
  1. Sample size (n) indicates the number of interviewees or data sets collected from literatures