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Table 2 Avian studies on genomic islands

From: Avian introgression in the genomic era

Species Data Traits Reference
Ficedula albicollis WGS   Ellegren et al. (2012)
Ficedula hypoleuca
Manacus candei GBS   Parchman et al. (2013)
Manacus vitellinus
Cathartus ustulatus
GBS Migration, plumage, and song (−) Ruegg et al. (2014)
WGS Migration (+) Delmore et al. (2015)
Anas platyrhynchos GBS   Lavretsky et al. (2015)
Anas diazi
4 species of Ficedula WGS   Burri et al. (2015)
Corvus corone WGS Plumage coloration (+) Poelstra et al. (2014)
(subspecies) WGS Plumage coloration (+) Vijay et al. (2016)
16 species of Darwin’s finches WGS Bill morphology (+) Lamichhaney et al. (2015)
Sphyrapicus nuchalis GBS   Grossen et al. (2016)
Sphyrapicus ruber
Sphyrapicus varius
Passer domesticus WGS   Elgvin et al. (2017)
Passer hispaniolensis
Passer italiae
  1. Data were generated by whole genome sequencing (WGS) or genotyping-by-sequencing (GBS). Specific traits under investigation were located within (+) or outside (‒) of genomic islands