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Table 2 Morphometric data obtained from an individual of ‘S. omanensis’ (=S. butleri) caught in the Al Hajar range, northern Oman on 2 March 2015

From: The rediscovery of Strix butleri (Hume, 1878) in Oman and Iran, with molecular resolution of the identity of Strix omanensis Robb, van den Berg and Constantine, 2013

Variable State
Tarsus 67.4 mm
Wing 255 mm
Tail 142 mm
Tail graduation 15 mm
Bill (upper mandible from skull to tip) 31.85 mm
Bill (skull to nostrils) 17.7 mm
Bill (skull to centre of curve) 24 mm
Bill depth at end of feathering 14.0 mm
Bill depth from top of cere 16.0 mm
Weight 220 g
Moult p1 + p2 old on left wing
Primary 1 to wingtip 56 mm
P2 to wingtip 13 mm
P3 to wingtip 0 mm
P4 to wingtip 0 mm
P5 to wingtip 8 mm
P6 to wingtip 33 mm
P7 to wingtip 50 mm
P8 to wingtip 60 mm
P9 to wingtip 71 mm
P10 to wingtip 80 mm
Secondary 1—wingtip 93 mm
P1 falls Between 7 + 8
P2 falls Between 5 + 6