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Table 5 English and scientific names (including synonyms), and type status, of taxa in the Z. mollissima complex

From: Integrative taxonomy of the Plain-backed Thrush (Zoothera mollissima) complex (Aves, Turdidae) reveals cryptic species, including a new species

English name Scientific name Type status Determination
Alpine Thrush mollissima Type not found (ZSI?) Z. mollissima
Alpine Thrush rostrata Selected type studied; lectotypified herein (BMNH) Z. mollissima
Alpine Thrush oreocincloides nomen nudum (BMNH) Z. mollissima
Alpine Thrush hodgsonii Type studied (ZMMU) Z. mollissima
Alpine Thrush simlaensis Type studied (BMNH) Z. mollissima
Alpine Thrush whiteheadi Type studied (BMNH) Z. mollissima
Sichuan Forest Thrush griseiceps Type studied (BMNH) Z. griseiceps
Himalayan Forest Thrush Named herein Type selected herein (UMMZ) Z. salimalii, sp. nov.
“Yunnan Thrush” Undescribed ?
Pied Thrush micropus Type not found (BMNH) Z. wardii
  1. Museum acronyms in “Methods” section