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Table 1 Inter-taxon comparisons of all 16 parameters using Isler’s criterion analysis for diagnosability

From: Species delimitation in the White-faced Cuckoo-dove (Turacoena manadensis) based on bioacoustic data

Parameters (total n = 24)   Peleng (n = 9) Taliabu (n = 4) Sulawesi (n = 8)
SM1 duration
SM1 number of elements
SM2 duration
SM2 number of elements
Total call duration
Peleng (n = 9)    
Taliabu (n = 4) ND   
Sulawesi (n = 8) D D  
Togian (n = 3) D D ND
SM1 low frequency
SM1 high frequency
SM1 frequency range
SM1 dominant frequency
SM1 average element duration
Inter-motif break duration
SM2 low frequency
SM2 high frequency
SM2 frequency range
SM2 dominant frequency
SM2 1st element duration
Peleng (n = 9)    
Taliabu (n = 4) ND   
Sulawesi (n = 8) ND ND  
Togian (n = 3) ND ND ND
  1. D diagnosability, ND non-diagnosability, SM sub-motif, n sample size